Lets make the Bar Crawl and your Venue as Fun and Memorable as possible!

We’ve come up with some fun activities below. Some of them work on all themes, some are theme specific. If you have other ideas we would love to hear them!

Please choose 1 or 2 activities to do at your venue during the event. We will promote your actives to every crawler!

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Custom Contest

You can offer winners gift cards to come back to your venue in the future or other prizes.

Backdrop for selfies

Halloween themed backdrop or scary wall or corner for selfies and pictures

Beer Pong Eye Balls

Mummy Wrapping Station

Don’t you hate people showing up to a Halloween event without a custom? Make a Mummy Wrapping Station and everyone becomes a Mummy! Its super cheap and easy!

Mummy Wrapping Contest

Turn your station into a contest!

Monster Mash Dance Off

Halloween decorations

Spider Cotton Webs

Inflatable Monsters


Halloween Balloons

Scavenger Hunt

Dirt Cake Eating Contest

Harry Potter

Marvel Crawl

The office crawl

Friends Crawl