Box & Bin Building

THis will give you the guide to build boxes and bins.


24 x 18 x 12

Our new and improved box building has us cover the outside of the box with tape to help protect it, if it is out in any rain or water. We also want to make sure the “Do Not Destroy” labels are inside of the box and taped over.


18 x 9

For this I used a medium flat rate box. I first cut one side and lied the box flat, and then I marked 9 inches. I used the flat edge of the bin cutter (the one used to cut off an inch of the bins. Then I lightly marked with a ball point pen. Then I scored with the razor, and then flipped over to the other side and scored again until it was cut. Scoring something it cutting something lightly. You should not damage the table that much. You can put a hard surface down and fully cut it you wanted to.


18 x 9 x 6

The white bins we buy are 10 inches tall and we need to cut of 1 inch so that they stand inches high

White Top Box

23 x 18 x 3

You fold this box together like you would a pizza box. If you cant do with this without a video you might want to seek help elsewhere.