From our experience there is three main things that make your drinks stand out to our crawlers.


Our crawlers tend to buy more drinks that are ‘Themed’ Related. Even if it is a drink or food item you currently have on your menu, you can rename it to go with the theme of the event.


Presentation is key. The better the drink or food looks the more crawlers you will get to order it.


When a venue delivers creative drink and food specials they are more likely to drive more traffic.

Friends Crawl


($1) Rachel Greene Jell-O Shots

($3) The Ross (16oz Brooklyn Lager)

($3) Jack Geller (160z Coors lite - Simple beer for a simple man)

($3) Joey ‘How you doin’ Shot (Sex on the beach)

($3) Word Up (Gummy Bear Shot)

($3) Chandler Bing Bomb

($4) TLC (Fireball)

($4.50) Pivot (Non-alcoholic)

($5) Phoebe Cocktail

($5) The Rachel (Mango Mimosa)

($5) The Monica (Vodka Martini)

($6) Smelly Cat (Makers, Creme de Cocao, Kahlua)


($5) Chandlers Stolen Cheese Cake

($5) Phoebes Hummus and Chips

($7) Monica Salad

($8) The Joey Sub (Italian Sub)

($10) Ross’s Pizza

Marvel Crawl


($0) Aquaman (water)

($2) Hulk Jell-O Shot

($3) Captain America (16oz Budweiser)

($3) Ghost Rider Shot (Whiskey)

($4) Deadpool shot (Red shot layered with Black Absinthe)

($5) Daredevil (Long Island)

($5) Frozen Captain Slushy

($5) Iron Man (Peach Cocktail with Grenadine Sinker)

($5) Bucky’s Blackberry Lemonade (Crown, Bacardi, Lime Juice, Blackberry Juice, Lemonade)

($5) Vibranium Punch (Tonic, Sprite, Vodka, Grape Powerade)


($6) Ghost Rider Burger (Spicy)

($7) Captain Americas Reuben

($7) Hulk Smash Burger

($7) Baby Groot Sandwich

($8) Iron Man Sandwich (Lot of meat)

The office crawl


($3) Orange Vod-Juice-KA (Screwdriver)

($3) The CeCe (Irish Cream and Orange Juice)

($4) Jim’s Big Tuna Shot (Tequila, Tabasco, Fish Juice)

($4) Michaels Scotch (Scotch with Splenda)

($4) The Meredith Palmer (Vodka, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Limoncello)

($4) The F*ing Lizard King (Green shot)

($5) Michael’s one-of-everything (Long Island)

($5) Farm Boy Swill (Vodka, Carrot Juice, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice)

($5) Nog-a-Sake (3/4 Sake 1/4 Eggnog)

($5) Kelly Kapoor ( 7/7 with 8 Cherries and Sugar rim)

($5) You Can't Date My Mom Shooter

($3) Scranton Sour (Whiskey Sour)

($5) Hellcat Kelly (Maggie Irish Whiskey)

($4) Kevin Malone (Killians Irish Red)


($4) Kevins Famous Chili

($5) Chips and Ryans Moms Salsa

($6) Tuna Fish Sandwich

($7) Hooters Chicken Breast, hold the Chicken (Chicken Sandwhich)

($9) Pizza by Alfredo (Cheese pizza)

($6) Mussels a la Kelly - PEI mussels tossed in a Coconut Curry broth