Venue Info

Below is the list of most common scenarios for most of our bar crawls. Read through these, and if there are any questions please let us know using either the chat, or comment post below.

first 5 venues are free to join so do not be slow to get back to us. The quicker we sign up venues means the more time we have to promote the event. More time to promote means a larger event. A win win for everyone.

Crawl Format

Most of our our crawls are open format. They check in one venue, and then roam to the other venues during the crawl time, and end at our after party. In the event that a crawl didn’t grow larger then 100-150, we will change the format to a walking crawl, email and call all the venues and let them know when they should expect all the crawlers. Either way we will update you on the number of crawlers, and number of venues. We understand how important this info is to staff correctly.

Regardless of where, when, or what type of crawl each crawler will have a wristband that they get at check in. This is how you will know if they are on the crawl or not.

Check In Venue

(only 1 venue will be the check in venue)

Check is is normally 2 hours, and it’s always likely that check in will run a little late. So if we say check in will be 4-6 which is the most common time, expect staff to be there about 1 hour early, and about 1 hour after. Please do not share with customers that we are going to be there past the regular check in time as this encourages people to show up late.

Our check-in process is pretty simple, we require a table close to the front door that’s near electricity so that we can power our tablets. Our crawl staff will validate tickets and distribute wristbands/lanyards and drink tickets to the participating crawlers. The wristband/lanyards will be the indicator to all participating venues that a patron is apart of the bar crawl.

Check in venues seek to benefit the most because 100% of the crawlers HAVE to come and check in. They spend the most amount of time at the check in. Many more drinks and food can be sold by a correctly staffed check in venue. We have seen many check in location incorporate a check in DJ, and they have held the groups longer and have sold more food and drink.

All of our check-in locations are required to have a free drink for each crawler. Typically the free drink is something your bar is known for, or something your bar is overstocked on and want to use up. Pre-mixing a shot or cocktail is great as it expedites the pouring process. We do highly encourage themed drinks that relate to the specific crawl.

Below are a list of requirements of the check in venue

  • Table Close to Front Door (close to electricity)

  • WIFI Access (best possible Network)

  • Free Meal For Check in Staff (typically 2-3 people)

  • Trash Can (So we can keep the area clean)

  • dry and Empty container (for raffle Tickets)

  • Exclusive Food Specials (For Crawlers ONLY)

  • 1 Free Drink For Each CRAWLER

All Venues

(at least 5 venues will be on the crawl, this includes the check in venue)

Depending on the theme we would request that staff and venue help support the theme by dressing in themed apparel. This is not a requirement, but it helps the look and feel of the crawl. Venues that have carried the customers the longest are also the venues that are in good themed apparel. It also is a huge help with pictures that will be taken and is more exposure for the venue.

Check in and after party are required to offer a free drink. If you are another venue on the crawl it is still a good idea to offer so sort of free drink because you will see a higher percentage of crawlers then other venues that are not offering one. We MAX our free drinks at 3, so don’t worry about too many free drinks. When we say MAX 3, that means we have 1 at the check in, 1 at the after party, so only one other venue will offer a free drink. We highly encourage themed drinks, as this will also help draw special interest to your venue.

  • No Cover DURING Crawl (Crawlers WIll Have Wristband)

  • Exclusive Drink Specials (For Crawlers ONLY)

  • Allow ONLY our company photographer

  • Some TV’s If Trivia Crawl (For the question slides)

  • Add To Your Facebook Calendar

Find the Event Page on Facebook (can not be done on mobile)

  1. Click the Three Dots … for more options

  2. Click Add to Page

  3. Select your Venue’s Page on the left

4. Click Add Event on the right

After Party Venue

(only 1 venue will be the after party)

The after party venue has the possibility to carry the customer the longest because most of our after parties start 10pm, and most cities have bar close around 2am. Most after parties are 10pm-12am but most bars let people stay and party after 12am. Not everyone that is part of the crawl will make it to the after party, but the people that do are a fun bunch. We have been told that we draw an older crowd, and our crawlers have been respectful, but if you feel someone is too intoxicated for the after party you have complete authority to not let them in. This is very uncommon, but important as the “I am on the crawl” excuse has no validly.

For the trivia crawls, we will require an MC or DJ to announce the winner with the highest trivia score. They would also be the person that gives out the awards to the winning team(s). This would take place towards the end of the After Party.

  • 1 Free Drink For Each CRAWLER

  • DJ or LIve Band (Must have good party music)

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