Trivia Info

our Trivia crawls are done with the help of you. They are more complex then a typical bar crawl because involve 4 sets of trivia questions with 25 different questions each (100 total). Each venue that has tvs, can do trivia.

How does It work?

There are 4 different sets of trivia each trivia set will run for 30 mins (no audio). Sometimes it will be a long 7.5 hour video playing, sometimes it will be a short 30 minute video playing that will need to be set on repeat.

Venue 1 = question set 1-25 | Venue 2 = question set 26-50 | Venue 3 = question set 51-75 | Venue 4 = question set 76-100

The crawlers will have to go to each of the 4 venues to get all the trivia questions. Based on past experiences if we can have 8 venues, where 2 play one set this is best. It eliminates huge issues if a venue has any technical issues. This has happened in the past, many crawlers were upset, and we had to issues a huge amount of refunds. Almost all the crawlers stay in teams and are encouraged to start doing trivia in any order. If one venue is busy, we suggest the team go to another, and come back to the busy one later during the crawl. Typical trivia times are 4pm-10pm.

how can I play the trivia questions?

There are many different ways you as a venue can play the trivia on your TV’s.

USB Thumb Drive

We have a ton of these USB thumb drives. On those drive are:

  1. A single 7.5 hour video that just repeats the 30 minute trivia set over, and over, and over again. This is one of the best options because you just set it and forget about it.

  2. There is a single 30 mins. You will have to set it on repeat.

  3. There is a folder of pictures. You need to set the pictures on a slideshow, 1 mins for each picture.

Our media Player

We plug those USBs to our Media player and then it outputs to either HDMI or AV (yellow video)

Our Laptops

In some cites we will have a laptop around, and we can use it to play the video through the HDMI output to play the video.

Online Website

We have the trivia online as a google slide (think PowerPoint). Each slide will last 1 mins, and all you have to do is pull it up and start it and it just goes. This method is ok but if you have any internet issues this could affect this method. This is a last resort if there are other issues, or if you have a very reliable in house internet or a hardwired connection.

What System Do you Have?

This is so so so important to us! Some venues have a system were 1 USB drive is enough. They can take the file and push it out to all of their TVs. This is awesome as we can avoid using a bunch of USB drives and save on time putting it all together.

Central Video System

(1 Input = Multiple TV’s)

You have a system that you can take 1 USB drive, or 1 web page, that you can broadcast on a large percentage of your TVs. We will want to know the brand and model of that system if you know it.


(1 Input = 1 TV)

There is no central connection to your TV’s. This would mean that you control the TV’s separately. This is the most difficult for us to work with but it is still possible. If you have this set up with individual TV’s we need know what brand and year the TVs are so we can figure out how we are going to play the Trivia. Do they have a USB input and can you play off it?

How maNy Outputs?

How many ways can you output the Trivia. How many TV’s do you have? Do you have a large projector? A projector would be a great way to show a TON of people with only one display.

How Many TV’s

You might have 20 TV’s but how many can we use for the trivia? Remember the trivia is from 4pm-10pm and we may have from 500 to over 1000 people. Trivia needs to be on during the entire time frame so they can finish the trivia.

Have A Projector

Projectors are great and we want to use it if you have one.

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What percentage of the TV's that you have can we use to play the trivia video on? Remember, our trivia events may have 500 to over 1000 people!
Video System *
Do you have a system where one USB drive or web page cause be played on multiple TV's?
How many people can you fit in the venue that can watch and play trivia.
Trivia Agreement *
You understand and agree that you will work with Crawl With US to play trivia from 4pm-10pm, so that the bar crawlers can play trivia. I will not charge cover to those crawlers. If total venue capacity becomes an issues I will let in trivia crawlers only.
If you do not agree, please write why here.